The MomMe.

Hi there!
 I’m Alison, the mommy who runs this blog.

I’m a West Virginia girl turned Buckeye, when I met my husband Eric and relocated to the Columbus area. Together, he and I were blessed with our first baby girl in December of 2015. Her name is Lailah.

Whether you are a first time mom, working mom, stay-at-home mom, single mom, or step-mom; no matter what role you play in motherhood, I hope to share special moments to warm your heart, make you laugh, help you relate, and maybe even make your life a little easier from time to time.

Who I am now is a mommy, my true calling in life. When I had my daughter, I truly was reborn myself. I wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t a MomMe. We may not all have the same beliefs or see eye to eye on every topic. We may raise our children completely different or embody totally different cultures, but one thing is for sure, we are mommies just doing the best we can and loving our children endlessly.

I hope you enjoy our my blog; thanks for reading! Come back soon.