Simplify Taco Night.

Now that my baby is a full blown toddler eating big kid bites, I have begun to allow her to eat meals with us. Sometimes I give her a special meal or extra veggies, but since my husband and I eat pretty darn healthy, this works out beautifully.

My first easy meal made even easier is our taco night! In this family, we could eat tacos, taco bowls, taco salads, etc – every week. This is fine with me, especially after my crock pot version that you will absolutely love. 

So first, make sure you have the ingredients. Taco night is my go-to dinner and not only when I need an easy meal. In fact, it’s become a staple in our pantry and on our grocery list. For the meat, I use ground turkey. Health alert!* and there’s SO much flavor. Do not be afraid of ground turkey, I promise it’s amazing. My seasoning packet of choices is Taco Bell original. It seasons the ground turkey perfectly. So, now that we made sure we have all of the ingredients, let’s begin!

Grab your crock pot. Tacos & crock pots?! Yes! It makes your taco night even easier so you can focus on your fiesta & siesta portion of your evening! So spray your crock pot with cooking spray and place it on high. Add your ground turkey and cook for an hour with the lid on, breaking the meat up every 20 minutes with a spatula. At about one hour, add the taco seasoning packet with the required water in the packet. Mix together and cook with the lid off until it reduces and simmers down. 

Now we can put together bowls and tacos for everyone! Prepare how you like, but here are a few things we do. Daddy eats his tacos with meat, cheese, & taco shells; can’t get any simpler than that. The healthier & veggie-centric alternative would be how mommy makes hers. I take about two cups of lettuce, spinach, or whatever greens I have around the house in a bowl. I add about a quarter pound of meat to it sprinkled with a little bit of shredded cheese. I then add my variety of vegetables; corn, black beans, onions (sometimes), salsa, hot sauce, fat free sour cream (sometimes), and the occasional rice as well if I make some for a side for everyone. 

There you have it! Taco night, fiesta night, whatever you want to call it. Or as my mom (and pap used to say…Lord bless his soul) “call me anything except late for dinner“. Enjoy! ❤


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