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Crafting with a Toddler

I find loads of crafts and DIYs to make on a weekly basis on Pinterest and all over the internet. I only put my child through doing about ten percent of those projects, for which I’m sure she’s grateful. 

My 18 month old has learned body parts lately. Everything from hands and elbows to back and heart. So I thought it would be fun to tell her let’s make daddy a picture with your hands on it. She loves this idea. Running around saying “hands” all morning, we got started shortly after. I said mommy is going to grab the paints (repeating after me she says “paint paint”) so I’m optimistic, right?

Five minutes later…

Is it the paint being on her hands? Maybe. One minute, you think you are being ultra-crafty-super-mom making something for daddy – he works so hard for us after all – then the next you have paint everywhere, a meltdown on your hands, and a half finished project now. Think all that got to this momma? Well, with another cup of coffee in hand – I cleaned the baby up and carried on. Although I was distracted and it could have been better, this was the end result for our homemade gift for daddy for Father’s day. 

I hid this little gem in the closet until yesterday morning, thinking a few times how messy it was and I’m not sure if I should give it to him because of how messy. Then I snapped out of it. I realized how much my husband will appreciate this regardless of the perfect lines I sought for. 

So yesterday morning when my little girl woke up I told her it was time to give daddy her present. She grabbed it with pride and once daddy hung it on the wall when we walk past it she says “hands” and is so happy. Daddy loves it too! So just remember moms, don’t be too hard on yourself. Those Pinterest moms are not real. You are amazing. You are enough. You do what you can even when you can’t. Spread the love. 


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