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Love, Your Slightly-Frazzled-but-Beyond-Blessed-MomMe

So I officially disappeared for the month of April. Where has the time gone? Do you ever have times where you think you are all caught up on everything – then the next morning you wake up and feel like your to-do list doubled overnight and all that was accomplished yesterday is out the window?

Well, that has been me this entire month. Normal? Yes, but it doesn’t make it any less frustrating. This blog has been my outlet, my place to share and bond with other moms, and so much more. I have been absent and missed out on it a lot lately. As a mom, we need to give ourselves more credit, more relax time, and rinse and repeat that. If my absence has taught me anything it is to carry a little notebook around with me to jot my thoughts down at all times. I have been incredibly inspired at times, emotional even. I have had so much to share, to write, but no means to do so.

My hands being ever-tied with three meals a day, dishes and laundry for three, a clean two bedroom – three bathroom townhouse, two kitties (and all their maintenance, God love ’em), friendships, family time, holidays, errands, playtime, diaper changes, tantrums, and don’t forget attempting to shower and sleep somewhere in between.


I will get better at this. I will peak out from under my to-do list to enjoy myself. I will count my blessings. *I tell myself aloud.* No, truly – I have THE world’s best husband and partner navigate this crazy thing we called life together. Without my better half, I wouldn’t be the person I have become, the mother I am, or the wife that I am to this amazing man. So shoutout to my Mister for holding it all together! 

May the upcoming days and weeks be much more fulfilling as well as easy going for us all. Thanks for hanging in with me! There are so many exciting topics to come: Starting Gymnastics: The Little Gym, Marriages vs. Weddings, Toddler Tantrums, Foodie Friday, & more – check back later this week!


Your Slightly Frazzled-but-So-Beyond-MomMe,


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