The Forgotten Areas of Spring Cleaning.


Sickness has impacted our little household over the winter months more than I could have foreseen. As much hand sanitizer, wet wipes, and disinfectant spray as we use weekly, we should be one healthy troop. My absence from my blog has come with the unexpected colds and sicknesses with us all. But I’m back to share more adventures, tips, and stories with you all!


So here we are…wishfully looking forward to our now official spring (yay!). I plan to do some spring cleaning coming up. I hope to eliminate any lingering germs, bacteria, virus, dust, dirt, and more that has accumulated while we run our heaters, board up the doors and windows, and wait for the quarantine and hibernation to be over with. I look forward to opening the windows and doors and allowing that fresh spring air to fill the house.

As I anxiously await the arrival of warm weather and a nice breeze, spring cleaning will shortly be underway! Here are a few tips for anyone, but some bonus tips for us moms who just need some direction on where to start.

  1. Toys: plastic or non-porous – dawn & warm water bath followed by bleach bath. Rinse. Dry on beach towels all day.
  2. Soft or fabric: Blankets, throws, comforters,  stuffed animals, pillows, throw pillows, shower curtains, curtains – wash & dry according to individual instruction. Typically I follow the rule of delicate wash/low heat dry.
  3. Vacuum your mattresses: If you do this a few times a year, great. If not, you’ll want to start! Vacuuming your mattresses eliminates dust, dirt, skin, and other icky things that accumulate. We do spend 1/3 of our time on our mattress! Not only will it be cleaner, but it will also increase the life of your mattress. Don’t forget the munchkins’ mattresses too!
  4. Clean the coffee pot: This really should be done monthly, but let’s face it we sometimes lose track of things! Use a 1/2 and half solution of vinegar and water. Run it through your coffee pot half way. Allow it to sit for 30 minutes and continue running the rest through. Afterwards, run a clean pot of water through to rinse it thoroughly. Ta-da, all clean and fresher coffee!
  5. Vents: Turn the heat or air conditioning off while you do this. Vacuum, dust, feather dust (Swiffer dustermy favorite!) your vents. Next, wipe them clean with warm water and some dish soap (Dawn – another fav) or if they really could use a deep clean, remove them and soak them in hot water and dish soap in the bath tub.FullSizeRender
  6. Condiments: Check for expired and toss them. Clean the shelves where they hang out in the fridge. Clean the rest that you are keeping! Just take a warm dish cloth and clean the lids and around the lip. Here’s a list of common condiments and their shelf life once opened. This should help!
  7. Computers: Use a screen cleaner and a microfiber cloth to clean your screen, mouse, keyboard, etc. While you’re at it, back up your hard drive and organize your desktop. With kids, we are always taking photos! Don’t forget to keep them organized or your will lose the photos or have a mess of photos to organize and you may never get around to it.
  8.  Laundry hamper: Metal or plastic – wipe with water and white vinegar. Cloth liner – toss it in with your dirty clothes and wash! This is something we don’t think of often, but think about all the yucky clothes it holds everyday. You will be happy you did it.
  9. Remotes: Wipes your remotes down with some disinfectant and a paper towel. (don’t over-do it) No more germs during tv time!
  10. Test smoke alarms: This is a good time to test them and give them a little dusting around them while you’re at it.
  11. Use baby…or humanall life safe products: Household cleans scare all moms, but they really should be used with caution by everyone. Any product that is label danger or poison, try to avoid these. Bleach is notorious for being the best cleaning out there because it kills everything it touches. Well, believe it or not it really is not the only option. Bleach omits a “deadly poisonous gas” which all living things are vulnerable to. A simply google search will help you find replacements for ALL of your harsh chemicals, especially the poisonous ones. I plan to do a blog post in the upcoming weeks about natural household uses for some of my favorites out there.

Happy Spring Cleaning everyone!

Get out & enjoy the fresh air afterwards with your family!



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