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Leprechaun DIY & Family Focused St. Patrick’s Day Ideas.

Memories are some of the greatest gifts you will ever give to your family. They shape who your children become and set the tone for how your daily lives play out. Not every day needs to be a celebration, but it is fun to make the little things feel special! One way I have begun to embellish upon our ordinary weeks is celebrating all holidays in some small way. St. Patrick’s day this weekend is a perfect opportunity to start some new traditions your family will grow to love.

Inspired by this,
I made my already adorable munchkin
into an adorable little Leprechaun.

Let’s get started!

You will need:7cd58eb5cf3b29493d3d4e7edf0c5e40.jpg

  • Scissors
  • Hot glue or glue stick
  • Black marker
  • Photos (1 for each craft you are making)
  • Construction paper (green for the hat & orange for the beard;
    I also added a small piece of yellow for a band around the hat)




Begin by cutting each photo of your munchkin’s adorable little face into a circle.

Use the green construction paper to draw a hat, the orange paper to draw a beard – measured to the size of your cutie’s chin, & the yellow paper to make a band for the leprechaun’s hat.
*Tip: Use the first as a template and repeat to make 1 for each craft you are making.


Now that you have all your leprechauns in a row, you can begin to glue them together! Next, decorate them as you wish. I made little dots on the hat, outlined the beard for more contrast, and added my daughter’s initials and the date to the back of it.


Ta-da! All finished.

And now you have an adorable little keepsake from St. Patrick’s Day for you – and whoever is lucky enough to get one – to enjoy!

Other ways to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day as a family:

  • Make some green treats. These pistachio and leppee.jpgwhite chocolate chip cookies are what I plan to make. I made them at Christmas time & they were ALL gone the same day.
  • Wear green & take photos as a family! Always a good excuse to capture some moments!
  • Read your kids the story of St. Patrick. Google it, buy a storybook. Get creative!
  • Have some Irish dinner fare!
  • Pinterest some more fun crafts to do like a leprechaun trap!
  • Make green Kool-Aid.
  • Put a few drops of green food coloring in the toilet & tell the kids that the leprechaun keeps using the potty! I know it sounds silly, but look how cute it is.

I hope you enjoyed these St. Patrick’s Day tips as well as our DIY of the day! Thanks for reading, as always. Enjoy your weekend! 



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