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Shopping for Your Pediatrician (& what you might be missing)

Choosing the right pediatrician for you and your child is possibly the singular most important selection you make when it comes to your child’s health. 

You make every decision regarding their health and wellbeing with this individual. You need to establish a close professional relationship with someone you can trust. Here are a few steps to help you get there:

  1. Find a location that is convenient for you. When looking at the lists of doctors in your area, choose an office within a decently close proximity. Not only is this exceedingly important during emergencies, it also is just plain easier for everyone. This holds true especially for early morning appointments, during inclement weather, and more. 
  2. Check for board certification and what hospital they are affiliated with. Mine is in conjuction with OSU (Ohio State University) and it is the greatest with their up to date technologies and so much more. 
  3. Search for a pediatrician who has an open mind or at the very least supports your parenting style, your choices when it comes to your child (vaccines, breastfeeding, food introductions, the list goes on and on). A narrow minded health professional does nothing productive for your family, because new medical research and findings occur almost everyday. You need someone who is in the know and open to exploring the best of the best with you!
  4. Some doctors have a watch and wait style care and others have immediate treatment style care. Choose which is right for you!
  5. Someone you can talk to. This is important. If you feel like you can’t call or message on your online message board then you won’t have an open communication that is much needed. Make sure you feel comfortable asking anything that you are in question about. Look for someone who will take your late night frantic first-mom phone calls or look at smashed fingers just to tell you they are okay and will ask if you are okay too!
  6. Make sure you ask about their response time and how they handle after hour calls!
  7. Spends enough time answering questions and discussing concerns with you. I have asked question after question, especially in the early days. My doctor is so rare and spends the amount of time needed to explain everything. I believe it is totally possible to find a pediatrician who is good at what they do and has bedside manner too! If you feel rushed or ever second guess something, that is a red flag for you to maybe consider if they are the correct fit or not.
  8. Establish a relationship with your doctor you can trust and feel their support. This is important when addressing the needs of your child.
  9. If you don’t think your family is a match with your current doc, don’t feel stuck! You don’t have to stick with the same doctor who started at birth. If you feel unsure or any of these jump out to you, find someone in your network for health insurance purposes who is able to be right for your little munchkin!

    Let us know if you have any questions or if we can help you find the pediatrician that is right for you! Happy hunting!

    Love, Alison


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