Breastfeeding · Motherhood

15 Months & Counting. 

It’s been 15 months and counting since we started the journey of breastfeeding together. 

I knew I was going to breastfeed before I had my daughter. If you ask anyone, they would tell you how the thing I was most nervous for was my ability to breastfeed, her ability to latch, etc – more than most of the other typical birthing worries. 

After 37 hours of labor, 2 failed epidurals, and dilation that dropped at 6, the doctors decided on a cesarean. It went smoothly and at 10:41 am we brought our beautiful daughter Lailah into this world. 

The first time I was amazed by what my darling baby could do, aside from her miraculous appearance in general, is by 12:00 noon my Lailah had latched for the first time. It was perfect. It was blissful. I truly wish I was able to revel in the moment more than I could at the time. It just was awesome

I couldn’t believe her – latching on with a breast as big as her and instinctively just knowing what to do. It continued every few hours, she kept feeding, and the rest is history. I was determined and I did have a few struggles along the way. The swollen – sometimes painful – nipples, engorged breasts, lactation consultants help, use of a nipple shield; I pushed through it to make sure that my baby had/has the best possible nutrition for her.

I honestly feel as though when she was born, she gave me purpose. In a way, being able to naturally feed my daughter with my own body is a part of that purpose. It makes you feel wanted, needed, and love all in a way never experienced before. Although that day Lailah couldn’t say I love you, I felt it

Even now I feel the same way. She eats three meals a day and breastfeeds. She is happy doing it and she needs her milky or milk milk whichever you prefer to call it. She signs for milk, one of the greatest things I have being able to teach her so far.

Toddlers get 60% or more of their nutrition from breast milk until the age of 2. So we will be here, giving the best nutrition, until she is ready to be done. We will continue to bond in this time we share and enjoy those sweet cuddles. Because we all know the truth, they grow up so fast.

Love, Alison

– What are some of the challenges you overcame while breastfeeding?


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