80 Calorie Cucumber Sesame Salad.

Okay Moms, ready for a delicious Asian-inspired side dish or snack?

This may be more for yourself, your husband (if he likes Asian cuisine flavors), or for older children. But I made this today for part of my lunch & I just had to share it! It is only 80 calories and I am not even hungry for anything else. The flavors make you think you are eating some calorie-rich dish that you should not be indulging in on the Monday afternoon that you re-start your healthy eating.

I halved the recipe that I had, because I only had one cucumber. This was an impromptu lunch while my daughter was napping. I skipped the sesame seeds, because I am actually all out! I’m sure they will add another texture to the dish making it even better. So if you have them, use them. I also thought about sprinkling my chia seeds on top of it in lieu of sesame seeds. Alas, maybe next time.




2 cucumbers

2 tsp soy sauce (Kikkoman is my fav.)

sprinkle red pepper flakes

1/2 tsp salt

1 tsp sesame seeds, toasted

1 tbsp sugar

2 tbsp rice wine vinegar

1 tbsp sesame oil


All you have to do is peel and thinly slice your cucumber. Mix all of above ingredients in small mixing bowl. Pour over cucumbers in the dish you will be serving them in. Then sprinkles seeds on top, if desired.

Delicious, healthy, Asian-inspired foods to change up your healthy diet! I am a firm believer in not allowing yourself to get sick of foods that you love that are good for you. I know if I eat a banana every single day, I really am not going to want bananas as much anymore. So, like the banana, I wanted to try something different with my cucumbers at lunchtime.


Do you have any healthy foods that you love? What new things do you want to make that yourself feel better, get creative in the kitchen, and try new things?


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