Cauliflower Gratin Recipe.

The struggle to get your kids or family in general to eat vegetables is a tough one sometimes. One person might be picky and not eat any greens and another only like corn. Let’s face it, who doesn’t like corn?

Well, cauliflower is not the most tasty vegetable of them all, especially when it is cooked. But, here is a recipe from my favorite cookbook for Lailah from when we started her organic purees at 6 months old. The book is called “The Petit Appetit“. I used it from her first “solids”, meaning pureed baby food and am still using it now for ideas like this one. 

I was browsing it again yesterday for a lunch item I could make with the ingredients I had on hand, when I stumbled across the recipe for cauliflower gratin. I had all of the ingredients, although my cauliflower was frozen. It did turn out just fine though!

Just follow the above instructions! Omit what you don’t have or want to. Get creative! Remember its all about getting your little ones, yourself, or your family to eat the nutrition-rich foods. That’s all that matters.

Skillet view of the dish as the milk, breadcrumbs, and cauliflower adhere together.

Ready to enjoy! Melted butter and cheese on top make it crispy and flavorful.

You even might get a smile or a shy little look like this one when you present this new dish. What could be better?

What new recipes have you tried lately? We want to share in the joy of cooking with you! Thanks for reading. Have the best Saturday everyone. 

Love, Alison


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