24 hour shifts. 7 days a week. 

Do you work 9-5? How about 8-4? Well, let’s try 7-7…meaning 7 am to 7 am. 24 hours a day us moms are on duty. We work SO hard every hour of the day, whether we stay at home with the munchkins or not.

I have personally had one instance after another where my plans for an easy week get tossed in the air. It is called life, but when can I get a break? (anyone else?)

I have not been able to wake up before my daughter in awhile because of this vicious cycle. I have been SO tired. So, we wake up and start our day together at 7:30 nowadays, as I exhaustedly roll out of bed to my cooing alarm clock. She is like clockwork though. I guess I can’t complain. We really do have her on a schedule! Even if I am up with her three times through the night to breastfeed she still wakes at the same time. I also can’t complain waking up to that adorable face.

Then we have had car troubles, sickness, family health issues, friend drama, and more on top of these crazy days. Add a few coffee spills, diaper blow outs, and cat disasters to this and just normal mom life and I’m just too tired for words! Plus not having family nearby is sometimes hard. One reason being we have not much help when things get to be too much, since everyone lives two and a half hours or so away. Another reason being that my husband and I don’t get married life time either to decompress. Can you say…we need a vacation?!

Today was more of a venting session type blog, because much like you, I have an endless need to get things done and keep my sanity. I hope you all have the best weekend. We hope to have a normal weekend for once. Thanks for reading! 

Love, Alison

– Share some of your much needed mommy vent sessions below! XO


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