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Moments of Bliss: It’s the Little Things.

When you hear the phrases “me time“, “taking time for yourself“, or “pamper yourself“;
do they make you a little queasy? Okay, not just me? Good!

Because honestly what full-time mom finds time for themselves?! You’ve got to be the Mad-Hatter to think I have time for me anymore. What with a significant other, a baby (or two), a house, pets (or not – I have 2 cats), friends, family – who has any time to set aside for MomMe anymore? Well, that sounds exactly like me and how I felt…until I had a little discovery.

There are ways to enjoy your own momentary bliss. That’s right. When I think of these little blips of personal happiness, I think of the quote by Kurt Vonnegut: “Enjoy the little things in life, for someday, you will realize they were the big things.”


With the little things being the theme here, I want to start our list off with reminding my fellow MomMes that your wishes and dreams matter. Big lofty dreams, small but tough aspirations, big but simple wishes, small but difficult hopes, whatever you heart desires – go for it. Persevere, it will be worth it!

However; this little slice of info is more along the lines of the small ways to have that moment of bliss, to experience that satisfaction that is sometimes lost when we are busy moms with busy children in a busy world out there. Not a mom? (or dad) that’s fine! This can without a doubt relate to you too.

  • Let’s start by having an easier morning.

    Refer to my blog post about How I Conquered Becoming a Morning Person. But also, one small element of your morning you can control is what you decide to drink when you wake up. Start with water! Always. No excuses. Just do it, you’ll thank me later!

    Next though, we must move on to what fuels you. So let’s address this question:
    Do you have a large can of off-brand, who-knows-what-roast coffee that you throw on in the mornings? I’m guessing if you are a mom and you are a coffee drinker, you drink it for energy, but also it would be nice to enjoy it as well. (if this doesn’t apply to you for coffee *insert here* with your morning tea, shake, etc!) I am just preaching and reaching to those fellow coffee lovers. Which by the way, find out what coffee snob you identify with by checking out this list. It really gave me a good laugh.

    With all that being said, toss the off-brand. Discover what flavor you truly enjoy. Try different types of roasts. I’m not the coffee-aficionado that I might sound like, but even just at the grocery store, pick up something that really makes you savor the first warm drink of coffee that you get to take…before your toddler distracts you and you have to microwave the thing 4 times before finishing it. Kidding – sort of. But honestly, pair it with your favorite cream or flavor to put in your coffee. It really is the little things.

  • When you hit a goal that you set – of any kind – get yourself a little something to celebrate.

    Meet your weight loss goal of 5 lbs this month? Shop for a few pair of new underwear, for example. When was the last time you did that for yourself? I mean, who doesn’t love a new pair of undies? Literally one of the most comfortable feelings on earth. Organized the linen closet? Throw out a few old towels and pick up some new soft ones with a nice pattern. Whatever your goal is, celebrate in a small way by rewarding yourself. You work hard momma. Remember, it is the little things.

  • Favorite (healthy-or-not) snack at the grocery store.

    Where do I feel like I spend most of my out-and-about time?…at the grocery store. What a life, huh?! But seriously, if most of my time is spent cascading through endless aisles, searching for the healthiest, most delicious meals for my hungry family – the least I can do it’s treat myself.


    The war you just faced through those 14 plus aisles was a brave one, especially with munchkins to keep smiling and a budget to adhere to. Grab a snack for only you, whether it’s healthy or not! For me, I will pick up a small pint of Halo sea salt caramel ice cream or a box of my favorite Annie’s organic mac and cheese. It’s so good, try it! These give me the little pick me up that you need. Remember that at the commencement of the war we call mom life, you earned that snack. It’s the little things.

  • Wash your sheets weekly, pull your sheets tight nightly.

    I realize some people already wash their sheets weekly, so if you do good job! If you don’t then start. This other portion is also important too – you know how sheets become loose, wrinkled, saggy (eww, those words all together made me make a face…I don’t know about you) well, you get the gist.

    Pull those sheets tight around your mattress daily. You will have a new sense of relaxation at the end of your long day. Let me add if you want to further your bliss, shave your legs too.

    Baby or kids in bed?
    Go shave your legs. Lotion.
    Hop in your crisp, soft sheets. Enjoy

    You’re welcome – & remember, it’s the little things.

  • Enjoy your optimum environment once a week.

    Just like we all have our own particular things bring us joy, we each have our own type of role as a “mom“. Stay-at-home-mom, working mom, step-mom, grandma, mother-in-law, even nanny, babysitter, teachers too!
    So, if you are stuck inside all week with the kiddos (stay-at-home moms, babysitter, nanny, teacher, grandma…is this you?) – be sure you get out twice at least a week. No warm weather? Go to Target and walk around, book store, coffee shop, play place; the ideas are endless. Nice, beautiful day? Get out and explore! I’m sure the kids would love that, plus it will provide for some fun adventures, memories, and adorable photos too!

    Working moms? Getting out is wonderful and making those memories with your kids too, but remember you need some time at home too. Enjoy that home that you work so hard for! Relax on the couch binge watching something that interests you once the baby or kids go to sleep. (oh and stay-at-home moms etc, do this too! When was the last time you were alone on the couch without your pant leg being pulled on or animated shows on the television?)

Sharing a few sources of my moments of bliss makes me smile. I hope these help you try to find your own or even give these a try. Remember, it’s the little things. Thanks for coming back or welcome if it’s your first time! What is your bliss?





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