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7 Things My Husband Will Teach Our Kids.

There are some things in life that my husband simply excels at, where I fall a little short. Everyone has their specialties. This is what I have decided our kids will be able to learn from daddy much better.

How to use scissors:

My excuse for being a little behind with cutting expertise had always been that I am left-handed. Then I met my husband and he is left-handed and is basically a ninja with scissors, among other things. Needless to say, this excuse no longer worked for me.

Other times I would say, “these are the worst scissors”, blaming their sharpness without admitting how much trouble I was having with the simple task. My husband was thoughtful enough to put left-handed scissors in my stocking this past Christmas. He knows my struggles. They are sharp and new, so it made cutting things easier for me finally. However, I still have not been able to master the art of scissors after 28 years and many of pairs of scissors later. This is a task that I will leave to my husband. 

How to drive:

I can get to point A and point B. Can I park?…I manage to put my vehicle where I can. Can I back up?…now are we talking straight backing up or backing down a lane? Because down a lane…you can forget it. Can I pull along curb without worrying about harming my husband’s rims’ pristine condition? Lets just say this is one of my greatest fears. A scuff of the rim and I would be in tears.

So, given the above evidence, I think this task I will also leave to the man with the ability to race car drive, all the mechanical knowledgeable in the world, and the correct method for teaching a 16 year old bright eyed beauty how to operate a motor vehicle.

How to open bags of any kind

Bags are all made differently. A bag of pretzels with have a rigged top where it looks like the makers of the bag want you to tear straight down…when really when you do this the bag splits down the middle and the bag is rendered a useless vessel for these salty snacks.

Then you have cereal in a similar bag and if you open them by tearing it open you will be finding Cheerios behind the microwave and refrigerator for months

Next, you have resealable bags. These are never resealable for me if that tells you anything. The examples could continue for days, but yet again here is another task left for my husband. 

How to code:

My husband Eric is an IT Software Development Advisor Senior, which it’s a fancy way of saying he is meticulously crafting technological ways for his coding to help do what the company wants. He is so knowledgeable. I can honestly say this about my husband – if he doesn’t know about something very well he researches it until he has a complete understanding of the topic. I hope for him to be able to pass that on to our daughter.

He can make learning to code fun and practical applications for it all. In an evolving world where everything is online, I want our children to have a full understanding of it all like my husband. Hey, maybe one day I’ll even let him teach me. Until then, this is a job for super daddy.

How to persevere

Something I have always admired about my husband is that once he begins something he will complete it. He never quits. Once he had his mind set on a goal, he only pushes forward and never looks back. I find this a difficult action to execute. I am goal-oriented, but I have too many irons in the fire at once most of the time. So, I seem to throw my hands up in the air and end up deciding to drink coffee in yoga pants instead.

My husband is the opposite. He greets every trial as a challenge. He might not be overjoyed with the tribulations ahead of him, but he always carves out a route to get to the ultimate goal. This is why perseverance is best learned from my husband.

 How to not worry about what other people think:

Over the past five years this topic has improved DRAMATICALLY. I used to wear fake eyelashes every single day I was going out of the house. It was my guise, my comfort, my mask to hide behind. My confidence was shattered.

I have since blossomed. Losing weight, having my baby girl, and marrying my best friend have absolutely influenced that for the better.

My husband, on the other hand, has this totally under wraps. See, he doesn’t worry about others opinions. He is confident, for great reason, and he is strong minded. He never allows the oppression of other’s guilt to feel heavy on his psyche. These are things I am now working on as a mommy and an adult, but I’ll leave this one too to the professional and let my husband teach this trait. 

How to fish and be patient while doing so:

Being the expert fisherman that he is, this title certainly goes to my husband. Receiving Fish of Ohio one year and fishing nearly every body of water in our hemisphere, he is the man for the job.

I love to go fishing since I met my husband. He has taught me how to fish, although I am still learning. One thing I don’t know if I will master even in my fourth summer coming up, is being patient once I cast, as I’m reeling, and giving myself a chance to actually catch something before getting sad or frustrated and moving up the bank.
I never in a million years thought my fake eyelash-smokey-eyed self would be outside in a summer day by a lake casting a line, but these are some of my fondest memories I’ve made with my husband. It is peaceful and beautiful in nature and a great family time to unplug and plug into the aesthetics of creation. 

The greatest gift in this life is love. Both parents teaching how to love wholeheartedly is the most important of all. I hope daddy knows how much I appreciate everything he does, but also how much I look up to him for the things in life in which I don’t have quite the same expertise as he.

What life skills or personality traits will your husband be the teacher of in your household? Share your list with me! Thanks for reading. Come back soon. 

Love, Alison


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