Family · Motherhood

Sick Mommy.

Just an important update for everyone.

 I have been having some health problems which has resulted with me being in the hospital.  I plan to share this story later on in my writings and I will go into more detail the, but I’m used to being sick.

I am now in remission (yay) but I was diagnosed with stage four head and neck in cancer 2012. I have faced a lot of adversity and understand what it is like to be sick. But a completely different level of components exist when you are sick but you are also now a mommy. 

What I have going on has been pretty severe. The EMS came and took me to the emergency room. But I know I can fully trust my husband to step up and play mommy and daddy roles for my daughter. It has been so comforting to know that he is there to do what I usually do for her. The only task he is not able to complete is breastfeeding, of course. 

Before fainting last night I thought to myself, be strong for Lailah; but even that wasn’t enough. Not being able to be strong enough for her was so difficult to swallow. 

I just wanted to post about this so that if I am unable to post for a few days, I let my readers know! Share the blogs I do have written, comment, chat with each other, follow me on Instagram and Wordpress, and ‘like’ me on Facebook. 

Thanks for your understanding and positive vibes as I hope for healing!


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