Is that Me in the Mirror?

Some days, do you avoid looking in the mirror until you have actual time to do so without your pant leg being pulled on?

I have noticed lately that I hardly look in the mirror anymore. Sure, I brush my teeth at least twice a day, wash my face in the morning, wash my hands in front of the mirror, shower daily. (..err, sometimes – guilty!) But the other day I took a nice, long (haha) 30-second look in the mirror while I was washing and drying my hands…

I now have wrinkles around my eyes. Granted, I’m 28 years old.
I’m a 24/7, 7 days a week full time mom. What do I expect?

Well, I realized that maybe…just maybe…I need to take that extra 30-seconds to look in the mirror a little more often. Do I care about what others think of my appearance? Absolutely not. Not anymore. (ask my 20 year old self if that was the case, haha.) But I do care how I feel when I glance at my reflection.


My hair seems to always be in one of three positions: braided to the side (usually after a shower), a high twisted up bun (to keep it out of my face and away from the grabby hands of the baby), or the occasional something else – which could be better or worse, depending. Claw clips and hair ties define my beauty regimin as far as hair care goes these days.

Is this normal not to take the time to style hair anymore? I mean, who sees me all day but my two cats and a toddler who loves me unconditionally? She doesn’t care if I wash my hair, but I think my husband would.

Oh husband. Speaking of this darling man, he tells me that he truly does not mind me with no makeup, no hair style, and comfy clothes are just fine. Is that true love or pure kindness? I want to be that woman who got dolled up for him when he was my boyfriend years ago. I want to be that woman who felt pretty in something other than a cut-off t-shirt and comfy shorts, yoga pants, or tights. Is she still here? Is she able to embody the femininity that defines her?

This definitely is something that I haven’t quite figured out. I know that I have read on posts, memes, articles, mom groups that I am not alone. There is a commonality to all this. It is refreshing to know that others feel the same way.

Can anyone relate? Share your thoughts, beauty tips, and more!
As always, thanks for reading momma!



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