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The Jeans Don’t Fit & I Want That Cupcake.

“I fit into things like that before I had kids..”
“Jeans?! Are you kidding…I wear nothing with a button.”
*Takes off sweater.* – “sorry for my arms, I’m just really hot.”
“I need to wear something decent to go there.” *Changes into another color v-neck*
“I haven’t worn a dress in over a year.”
“Hang on, I need to change. My back looks worse in this clingy shirt than I thought.”

If you have never uttered any of the phrases (or at least quietly thought them to yourself) then you are one lucky mother.

I am happy to say that my mom body is actually better than my pre-motherhood physique. This did not come without dedication though. Although I have gained back a portion of the weight that I lost postpartum, I am still comfortable and happy. I like how I look (most times) and I continue to enjoy a cupcake every now and then. Being comfortable in your own skin is the most important part of weight loss anytime, especially at the fragile state of postpartum.

All of the expressions listed above are literally from my own mouth over the years of being overweight. I entered into pregnancy at the biggest I had ever been. So imagine when I started gaining the baby weight; needless to say this was the tipping point. I knew once I had my little one that I would dedicate myself to becoming a healthier me.

I imagined what I would feel like the heaviest I had ever been getting up and down off the floor with my little baby. I also pictured myself in photos with my baby, disliking what I look like, but loving my baby and posting it on social media reluctantly. Then I thought about an older baby running, playing, dancing, and more. I wanted to make sure that I could keep up with her. I wanted to be that mom that was always having fun and keeping up with the kids (ha!) I do my best.

Like I said, although I have about 20 pounds to lose to get back to my lowest weight postpartum, I lost all together 61 pounds. Yes, this does include the weight of my little girl, who weighed in at a whopping 6 pounds 9.75 ounces. My husband stood by my side and did it with me. We lost together 100 lbs!

the day our daughter was born                                                   6 months later

Nonetheless I was very happy to know that I was able to work hard exercising (thank you Tony Horton), eat right (thank you husband for helping me!), meal plan, and stay motivated!

Just keep in mind that no matter what your level of expertise is with working out, find something that works for you. If you like to dance, for example, just Google a dance workout. Use YouTube until you know something that you love even. I love to dance so I used Just Dance for awhile and it helped me get some extra cardio in on days that I had more energy to do so.

Then the next step is simple when you really break it down. I love how I feel when I eat healthy. It’s THAT easy. Just do it. (As I remember what I ate today…) Eat colorful foods (red peppers, oranges, lemons, sugar snap peas, blueberries, plums – all the colors of the rainbow) All of those are delicious. Just remember the more color in your dish, plus protein, the better for you! It’s that easy. A quick Google search will bring you to the best of the best when it comes to healthy recipes that are yummy too!

If any one can relate, is in the same boat, just remember…I can do it, you can do it. I definitely see it that way because it is SO true. I hope that a little of the beginning of my story (more to come) helps a mommy out there somewhere. Thanks for reading MomMes! Share your weight loss, weight struggles, and more with me. I look forward to hearing all about it and discussing things together to motivate and inspire each other! But don’t stress yourself. Eat those cupcakes. Enjoy the holidays and times with family. It is so much more important than your waistline.



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