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Pampers, Pampers Everywhere.

Until you are a parent, you truly are not aware of the multitude of diapers your baby goes through in the first year alone. Wise new parents will tell you that when a loved one asks what gift to present in celebration of your new bundle of joy always say in comical unison “diapers“.

After realizing that most of your bi-weekly trips to the store are for more diapers (or wipes, too) you will stock up, especially when there is a good sale or coupons. Most days, especially if you are a stay-at-home mom, will feel as follows…

So how can I share diaper knowledge with my fellow MomMes to make those diapers seem less complicated?

Let’s start at the beginning.

1. Baby shower time comes around, include a diaper raffle ticket in the invitation.

This invites guests to bring a pack of diapers to be entered in to win a prize. Women love these little games. (trust me!) You will be happy you did this. About half of my guests brought diapers, wipes, or a fancy diaper craft (which was so awesome by the way. Thank you Kathy!)

2. Receive some gift cards as gifts? Buy diapers and wipes with them.

Some of the items on your baby registry that you didn’t receive at the baby shower, you don’t really need. Do you really need a 12th fuzzy blanket or that toy you registered for that she/he will not be using until they are at least 9 months. Let those items wait, buy what you need now. Trust me!

3. Buying cheap diapers will bring you nothing but frustration.

Cheaper does not always mean better, especially when it comes to quality products for your baby’s sensitive skin. I am true and true a Pampers momma! I plan to outline the various kinds of Pampers (Baby Dry, Cruisers, Swaddlers — oh my, what do I choose?)

4. Watch for diaper size.

Make sure that you are looking at the packages. Check the sizes per weight of your babe. Every brand differs.


My Pampers Review:

Pampers Swaddlers – These are best used from birth to when the little one is wiggling themselves to begin to crawl. They are great for tiny bottoms and smaller quantities of waste. As for older babies, I did notice that they seem to ride to the side especially when they begin to move more. However, this could be the shape of my little one. If she is anything like mommy she has some hips going on! But at about five months I switched.


Pampers Cruisers – These are my diapers. They absolutely are the best in my opinion. They are wide enough and have the best coverage, absorbency, and sizes match perfectly. I started using these at about five months or so on my little one. She started belly crawling and we started to have more and more accidents out the side of the diaper. This was the best solution for me.

Pampers Baby Dry – If they are cheaper, on sale, I get them as a back up diaper. They puff up SO fast. A little bit of liquid hits them and PUFF. They aren’t too bad, but I wouldn’t rely on these solely. I usually have some of these in my stockpile, especially at the baby gets older.

Well, there you have it. My thoughts on diapers for new moms and a review of lovely Pampers! Thanks for coming back to MomMe & Munchkins. Life has been a little crazy, but more posts will be right around the corner!

Share your thoughts on diapers with us! Oh and if you have some cute little photos of your babe in diapers share them on our Facebook page.



4 thoughts on “Pampers, Pampers Everywhere.

  1. So true!! It’s so funny how passionate we get with our diaper brands lol. I’m such a Pampers snob. We started out with Swaddlers because that’s what they had at the hospital and I was so impressed. Then when we quickly burned through the two packs we had we had to use the plethora of different brands we got at the shower. It was nice to try out other brands but it just made me love Pampers swaddlers that much more. We went from swaddlers to cruisers and they ARE the absolute best!! My daughter is about to potty train (she’s 2 1/2 in May so it’s about that time) but we’re still loving cruisers after using them for as long as we have been 👌🏼 tried and true for sure!!


    1. Exactly! Us mommas know what we like. That is precisely what happened with us. We were given our babe in Swaddlers at the hospital and never went back. Then Cruisers have been our jam ever since the wiggle stage. That’s awesome! I am nervous to start potty training but I guess it’s never too early. My little one is so excited she has a potty in her bathroom and she’s 14 months. She has peed on it a few times before a bath and it’s such a celebration. haha until then Cruisers it is!

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