Little Dolls.

I had an ah-ha moment while breastfeeding my daughter in the middle of the night. My train of thought usually jumps all over the place while I rock her in the dark, trying to stay awake. Last night I was thinking about how sweet Lailah is when she plays nowadays. I watch how she pretends to make her Little People “walk” by tapping along on the coffee table or the way that she hugs and kisses her itty bitty princesses. Then I smiled to recall the way that she was acting with her baby doll yesterday.

Let’s set the scene, (I wish I had taken a photo to share with you all) but…Lailah is sitting on her mini Minnie Mouse couch with her baby doll. She is holding her tight then kisses her cheek. Then, she takes her by the hand and walks over to me with her, making sweet noises which seemed like she was telling me about her baby. The recollection of earlier that day made me come to my this train of thought.

18426725a5d1054d819657b6ca6147acc472f7099d2338ca40985471597f808fWe are preparing for motherhood from the time we are able to begin to play. It is instinctual. Baby dolls are one of the first toys that we play and use our ever-growing, ever-evolving imagination. They have been a toy for girls going back to the 15th century. However here is a more modern, most realistic doll that I look forward to getting for my little girl one of these days.

I do feel the urge to add that little boys can play with baby dolls to with no shame. This blog post simply is talking about motherhood instincts being fostered from an early age. I suppose that baby dolls, if played with by little boys, might contribute to a nurturing fatherhood one day as well.

The moments where you catch a glimpse of your munchkins playing with their baby dolls, take a moment to watch them. The “pretend play” is really a modeling of all of the necessities to take care of our own babies. They feed the doll, whether it be with a toy bottle that comes with the baby or I have even seen an adorable photo of a little one copying the action of breastfeeding as well. (which I think is SO sweet) As they get older they do more and more with the baby doll as if they were real. They have learned how to change them, rock them, and even speak to them like they have heard us. There are real developmental benefits to having your children play with dolls.

It seems like we begin to learn how to nurture sometimes before we can even form full sentences. It is just adorable to me and I had to share this with my fellow MomMes! Take the time to stop and smell the roses. Watch your munchkins play. Dance and sing with them. Do crafts with them. I guess this was one of those moments where I had to do just that. 

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2 thoughts on “Little Dolls.

  1. My two girls love their dolls, but my one-year-old boy loves his doll the most. The nursery helpers at church always reported that he held and cuddled the dolls each time he was there so we bought him one for home. He feeds her and hugs her and wants her at bedtime. I think I would have been uncomfortable with this but he has an amazing father who loves and cares for his kids. Grady is emulating that. What a good Daddy he might be someday.

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