The Survival Kit a.k.a. The Diaper Bag

Okay moms, let us just admit now that our diaper bags are critical to our survival when we brave the outside world with our munchkins. Whether you are running a few errands or a venturing out for a simple trip to the grocery store, you know that the ONE time you leave that bag at home, you will need it.


Now that we have that out on the table, let me be the first to admit (well, probably not the first – but you get the point) that carrying around all these unnecessary items is exhausting, especially if you aren’t just running out for a half hour. We usually are not just carrying the diaper bag. We usually have our little one (or ones) up in arms, what ever bags from the store, and anything else we need to run said errand as well.

So my goal is to help you simplify your diaper bag to the essentials, keeping it light and efficient, in order to make your life easier!

First, choose your Survival Kit. Mine was a gift from my baby shower from my baby registry. I chose this Eddie Bauer diaper bag because it has multiple compartments and sections inside of those and zippers inside of those. You get the gist. It was perfect for organizing; which I knew would make my life easier.


Next, gather the bare necessities. (Jungle Book, anyone? No. Disney nerd over here!) Well, we all know some of these common sense items, but let’s go over them just in case mommy brain kicks in and we forget to stock it up.

  • Diapers: I like to keep 4-5 stockpiled in there, just in case. Sometimes we forget to restock  it before going out again. Other times we use 3 of them during a two hour play date. So, better be safe and just pack them!
  • Wipes: This diaper bag has a side zipper with a spot where you can retrieve a wipe when you need it. I always have a pack of wipes in there. If it is getting low I usually toss another pack of wipes in the bag just for back-up!
  • Changing pads: I purchase the disposable changing pads at Target from Munchkin. These are the best. I keep 1-2 in my bag for those germ-ridden changing tables when we are out and about.
  • Nursing cover: Sometimes I cover, sometimes I don’t. It depends how my daughter is acting. I believe in anytime, anywhere (but that is a different topic). However, for the purpose of discretion, I keep mine in the bag just in case. At 14 months (today!) she does not like the cover, but I have it none the less.
  • Bib, fork or spoon, sippy cup with water: The bib is always a good thing to have. You never know when you might need to protect a little shirt from a mess, especially if your munchkin is eating solids. I have a little go-to fork and spoon. You will see in the photo. I found it at Wal-Mart and it’s the best. Always keep a drink on hand too; never can give them enough water.
  • Snacks: Obviously this is for those who are old enough, but my main go-to item is my snacks when I’m out and about. Organic puffs, yogurt melts, and O’s have saved my daughter from a world-class melt down many times. I carry organic pouches with me more often than not as well. Sometimes she needs a little extra food or did not get to eat lunch before heading to an appointment and this has saved the day as well.
  • Extra outfit: Pack an extra outfit. Even if you think you’ll be fine, pack it. I was in Barnes and Noble with my mom having to wrap my baby up with a burp cloth when she was about six months old, because she had poop ALL up her back, all over her clothes, and down in the stroller. This is in a matter of seconds. So, morale of the story is…don’t forget to pack an extra outfit. I learned the hard way.
  • Hand sanitizer: Germs are everywhere. Carts are nasty. Everything else is probably gross too. This is essential.
  • A little “just-in-case” bag: Mine contains tissues, Tide to go mini, chapstick, toothpaste, hair ties and bobby pins, breath freshener, gum, extra hand sanitizer, some wet wipes. These are just a few ideas. Have what you need and is best for you.

So moms, keep your survival kits fully stocked. You never know when you need to venture out into the great beyond. This will keep you feeling organized and prepared which aids in having an easier day – which is what I hope to help all MomMes with.

– Alison

Does anyone have any diaper bag favorites? Let us know!
Here is mine:



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