Family-oriented Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is generally considered a holiday for couples to celebrate the feelings they possess for one another.  I learned last year that being a new mom meant I could celebrate this heart-filled holiday with my two Valentines, my husband AND my daughter. I found some adorable ways to celebrate this love-centric holiday with everyone I love. 

1.) Handmade gifts and handmade cards only.

We all love to give gifts to the ones we love. So instead of making it about the commercialism and materialism, stay a tradition in your home that you only exchange homemade gifts for Valentine’s Day.

Making daddy a little “love bug” hand prints or another fun Valentine craft would mean more than if you went to a department store like everybody else. Besides with Christmas just passed a few months back, do you really want to rush around looking for the perfect gifts from you and the kids?

Handwritten personalized cards are always better than the cookie cutter cards out there that could apply to everyone. So handmade those too! Have some arts and crafts time together and make something with meaning for those special loved ones. Oh, and don’t forget the grandparents when you make those cute little hand prints! They will love them too.

2.) MomMe, write each munchkin (& daddy) an appreciation letter.
We have all heard about love letters, but what about appreciation? Hopefully your family already knows how much you love them by your words and actions throughout the year. Sure an “I love you” card would be great, but also inside a letter telling them how much you appreciate them and what you appreciate about them. It is surprisingly easy to put these feelings on to paper for the ones we care for. Although the little ones can’t read just yet, they will have letters to look back on over the years. How cute is that?!

We are so busy as a society these days that often times we forget to stop and “smell the roses”. So take some time out of your morning routine or nightly routine to write and recall all those fabulous amazing stupendous moments you feel grateful for your loved ones and tell them about it. 

3.) Valentine Breakfast

Who doesn’t love heart-shaped pancakes or pink colored scrambled eggs? Theme your morning breakfast for the holiday and eat all together before doing anything else that day. Time spent together at the table makes all the difference!

4.) Bake with the kids, if they are old enough

Making some treats as a family or just momma with the kiddos is always fun to enjoy! Bake the family favorite. Daddy will be excited to come home to something delicious especially in Valentine’s Day. 

5.) Put hearts everywhere

Hearts in coat pockets. Hearts on the mirrors. Hearts in their lunches. Just flood the day with hearts. This just reminds them of how much you love them throughout the day.

Write a little something on the heart for your husband reminding him how pretty blue his eyes are. Or something sweet reminding your little girl how good if a big sister she is. It is so special and really does matter. 

You could do one heart for everyday from the first of February until Valentine’s Day. What I did last year was write one heart each day for my daughter and one for my husband and take them to their bedroom door. It looked so cute and was a little reminder of how much you love them! 

6.) Valentine phone train

Give someone you care about a call to wish them Happy Valentine’s Day and feeling them how important they are to you. Then you tell that person to give someone they care about a call and pass on the love.

7.) Make a love playlist

This one is simple. Pick some favorite sweet songs and add them to a playlist. I used YouTube for my free playlists all the time and it is the best. 

I hope these Valentine ideas help you make the holiday enjoyable for your whole family. What are some of your Valentine traditions?


– Alison


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