Tips To Have A Better Day

Most of us dread waking up on Monday mornings because it’s the start of the week and we are counting down until Friday is among us once again. Let me tell you something…it doesn’t have to be that way! Alison recently posted about conquering the mornings so lets take those tips and roll it into conquering the entire day to make your week so much more enjoyable!

  1. Wake up early-My dear friend Alison has given you the tools you need to accomplish becoming a morning person so no excuses! There is something about getting an early start to the day that is so satisfying. When you hear that internal alarm clock go off at 6:30 in the AM don’t ignore it. Don’t roll over and sleep in. Get up and seize the day!
  2. Give thanks&say your prayers-Before you start asking God for all of your heart’s desires today, thank Him for what he has already provided in your life. Peek in on your little blessings that are still snoozing in bed and remember to say “thank you”.
  3. Get in some “you” time-Before the kids roll out of bed and join you, take the opportunity of waking up early to do something for yourself. Catch up on some Grey’s, read your bible and get in your daily dose of God and study His word, enjoy a hot cup of coffee. It’s all about you in this moment.
  4. Dress for the day you want to have-Even if you don’t have plans to go anywhere, get dressed. Instead of lounging around in a baggy shirt and some leggings (I know, I know don’t kill me!), how about throwing on some jeans and maybe take out that messy bun??? Give your self esteem a little kick in the butt and reap the benefits when you look in the mirror. Bonus points are when hubby comes home from work and sees his wife dolled up. Bow chicka wow wow. But getting dressed isn’t just about you. Put the kids in a cute outfit too! And if you see some intriguing event pop up on Facebook today, you don’t have to worry about being late because you have to get the kids clothes thrown on and the diaper bag ready to go-you’ll already be halfway there.
  5. Drink lots of water&try to eat healthy-You can’t take advantage of the premature start to your day if you are feeling sluggish and run down from all the sugar intake. Meal prep or a food chart is a helpful tool to keep up the healthy choices as well as drinking lots and lots of water.
  6. Get organized-I made up binders to keep myself in check. It makes looking for important paperwork or  bills extremely easy. I love it because when my husband needs something he doesn’t even have to ask me anymore he can just check the binders! Our health binder is divided up between the four of us with any bills or big milestone check up information for the kids. My favorite is my “Motherhood” binder. I have little preschool learning work sheets for my daughter to trace her letters or learn different emotions based on the faces of the drawings on her paper. I have printed off projects and recipes to try with the kids and even different cleaning schedules. I’m obsessed with going through it and learning from the tips I have provided myself with. It’s motivating! 
  7. Be positive-This is my last tip. It’s a no brainer but it’s probably one of the hardest things to do. Staying positive no matter what the day throws at you is much easier said than done but I am a firm believer in the law of attraction. Think and act positively and positivity will come to you through different avenues in your life. Having an upbeat attitude and mindset will make for better problem solving when issues arrive. Being negative clouds our judgement and makes it harder for us to make rational decisions. Try to find the good in the midst of all the bad.

I hope whether you take these tips and apply it to your life or not that you find your own way to have a better day! 


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