How to Survive & Love Every Minute of Disney on Ice.

I always loved every Disney princess growing up! I had every Disney movie on VHS and watched a different one every single night. It was so special to me and is such a great memory from my childhood still today. I then continued to watch the newer Disney movies as I grew to an adult, like Tangled and Frozen which made me love Elsa and Anna just as much as Sleeping Beauty and Belle. Now I have a bright-eyed, curious daughter to share these wonderful stories!

Growing up in the 1990s, at the inception of many Disney princesses, automatically qualified me to attend a Disney on Ice at some point as an adult. So having a little one who loves singing, dancing, music, lights, and everything Disney; I couldn’t resist but to take her when the show when it came to Columbus.

Survival tips and tricks:

1. Once you decide that you will be taking your little munchkins to Disney on Ice, the first step would be to get your tickets. They are actually pretty reasonable!

We sat in the lower bowl of the arena and it was only $25 per adult with my little one on my lap for FREE. Children two and under can go on laps! Plan a few weeks ahead of time for optimum seating preference. 

2. What to wear and what to bring?

It may seem like a no-brainer, but honestly if you have never been to a hockey game or ice skating event, you may not really know what you and your munchkins are walking into exactly. 

Dress warm, but try not to sweat it out! Thin layers are better than everyone’s bulky coats in the arena seats behind you, especially if you have a little one on your lap. 

When it comes to what to bring, keep it simple. Pack your bag (lightly) the night before. Remember most arenas conduct bag searches, so use one of your many on- the-go tote bags you have stashed away. Load it with regular diaper bag items if you have little ones in diapers plus your hand sanitizer, wipes, and everything else us mommies try to stay stocked up on. Then add some favorite snacks, for you and the kids! Which brings me to…

3. Feed everyone before heading to the show and plan your meal for afterwards.

Bring some snacks for everyone in your MomMe bag. It will save the time of waiting in line, save your wallet, and your waistline. (amen!) Bring your baby or toddler their sippy cup, of course! For everyone else, usually drinks from outside are prohibited, so if there is one item you purchase, grab a souvenir drink cup and you get a two for one! The kids will love it. 

4. Capture the special moments.

Here’s a few suggestions for memorable photos: a shot of their excitement before and after the show, a group shot with everyone who attended together, some moments during when their favorite character came in and their song started – their faces are priceless, and just a few of the actual show. 

One of my suggestions for ANY show is to enjoy it right in front of you. Try not to spend it looking at your phone to get the perfect photo. Take your selfies, your moments, and move on. The memories are too precious to waste the time videoing a performance and living the excitement through your phone. That is not what you paid the money to attend. End rant, haha. 

5. Souveniers: the only reason I added this section is not to talk you out of spending $30 on a cheap and lanky looking Elsa doll. I do think The Disney Store has much better Disney wear and wares in my humble opinion. 

But I added this to tell the story of what I decided to get my 13 month old. She knows certain characters, especially from the Frozen cast. However, I did not settle by buying these subpar looking characters. If they had better merchandise available for purchase I would probably spend WAY too much money. So after the show my mom, sister, myself, and daughter went to get Panda Express for dinner. At the checkout, there was a little stuffed panda bear for $5. I purchased it for her. Upon showing it to her she went crazy over it! She has been playing with her little panda ever since. 

Moral of the story: if you can get away with it, save your money and opt for another option. 

Well with all that being said, these tips will save you from finding it all out after the fact! I hope this helps you all whenever you take your munchkins to this event or any. The best part of it all was seeing the wonderment in my daughter’s eyes as she saw the lights, heard the music, felt the excitement all in my arms. My mom and sister being there to see it as well was such a great so gather those that you love and head to the show!

What are some of your favorite events to take your little ones to? Any tips for us moms? 

❤ Alison


2 thoughts on “How to Survive & Love Every Minute of Disney on Ice.

  1. Great tips, I’m always so hesitant to take my girls anywhere, especially my 2 year old!! I feel like she will not want to stay put 😦 I hope you can checkout my blog and we can support each other ❤


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