How I Conquered Becoming a Morning Person when I became a Mom.

Some people are born with the astonishing ability to effortlessly awaken themselves with the morning sun. So, when I was pregnant I honestly contemplated how problematic it was going to be for me to be able rise and shine whenever my daughter needed me. But, when she made her debut, my motherly instincts kicked in and I was graciously granted the capacity to jump right out of bed the moment I heard a whimper. As time went on, I used trial and error to keep my energy levels where they needed to be, for me to be the mommy she needed me to be. To perpetually keep up with the many demands of motherhood, I have found these helpful tid bits.

  • Earlier bedtime, MomMe.

What a no brainer! We all know the old cliche saying, “early to bed, early to rise” or “the early bird gets the worm“. But honestly, let yourself relax after you get your precious bundle down for the night!  Or should I say down until he or she wakes up crying for milk? So, you may be thinking…”but the to-do lists on my desk…and the countless other things on my mind! I really have a hard time allowing myself to let go and just relax!

Well, good news for you MomMe: Once you are able to slowly move towards being more of a morning person, you will be able to get up before the baby, the kids, and even your husband. You will be able to get some household tasks done or even started at least and possibly even get to drink a hot beverage…alone!!

  • Coffee, Coffee, Coffee!

Pre-motherhood, I had never touched a cup of coffee. That statement makes me smirk as I even type this. I simply can not imagine my life as a full-time wife, mother, and just individual in society without my coffee.

* I would like to add a disclaimer to this tip. Mommies, before you start taking endless shots of espresso or guzzling Venti Lattes everyday, let’s go over a few facts. There is a recommended limit when breastfeeding.

When caffeine enters the bloodstream only 1% gets absorbed into the milk. However, the safe amount to avoid a cranky or restless baby is about 300 mg of caffeine per day. This amount is equivalent to 2-8 ounce cups of mommy fuel each morning. This amount certainly makes a dynamic difference in my day. However, I know it may not be for everyone!

  • Get Organized, tonight.

In the evenings, I have found that making a little time to clean up and lie out items needed for the following day. Trust me MomMe waking up to a clean sink is a glorious feeling.

Pre-pack and keep those diaper bags stocked ladies! Later we will be posting about the must-haves in our diaper bags. So stay tuned!

Another concept that I adopted postpartum is meal planning. At first it felt like a gigantic hurdle. Planning meals? Yes! Cut up those cheese blocks, strawberries, and celery. Quarter those blueberries and grapes for the munchkins! Go grocery shopping weekly, but only after planning your meals. Then Sundays: meal prep. Cook, cut, prep any parts of the meals that you can. I have attached a worksheet to help with this.

  • Eat breakfast with your little ones.

You would never think to load your car up with those adorable little munchkins without making sure you had gas in the vehicle, would you? A car is not able to go without fuel. Well, the body is the exact same way.

Being able to meal prep should make breakfast a breeze. The best foods which allow for more energy throughout your day, with no mid-afternoon crash, are; eggs, oatmeal, and smoothies. Make those smoothie bowls loaded with fruit and top with chai seeds, my new favorite addition to any bowl.

So, if I can conquer a constant sleepy-head mode I know you can too! Share your favorite energy-boosters or what keeps you going on your sleepiest days. Just remember, we all have days where we are dragging our feet to complete a task. But look at your little ones’ face and a mother’s love will always be the natural boost that we all could ever need.

❤ – Alison


4 thoughts on “How I Conquered Becoming a Morning Person when I became a Mom.

  1. I’m a morning person, but after 6 years of seeing the sunrise almost every single day….there’s not enough coffee in the world!
    I like to get organised the night before too.


    1. I understand that! Mornings are difficult, but we hope that with these tips and others we can all rise and shine a little easier!

      Getting organized the night before is the best. It saves so much time, doesn’t it?!

      – Alison


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