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Making Mommy Friends

Making mom friends is kind of like dating. You have to see what’s out there, test the waters and get to know if it’s worth the commitment. Especially with kids involved, is this relationship something I should pursue and risk the kids getting attached just for them to potentially end up heartbroken? But when we finally decide to put ourselves out there, getting to know another mom sometimes feels like we are using a series of cheesy pickup lines only wayyy less sexy…


So, did you sleep alone last night?

Are those boobs made for breastfeeding?

I like my friends just like my coffee; strong, sweet and full of milk!

I’ll show you my stretch marks if you show me yours…


Anyways, the point I am trying to make is that making mom friends can be so awkward and overwhelming so let me try to help you! I have found some apps that you can download right to your phone for FREE that could be useful to you as well as tips for engaging with mamas on social media and in your community. Let’s start with the apps!


  1. MomCo – You are able to interact directly to other moms on the app or through areas such as: play dates, events in your area, forum or groups.  It gives you the option to narrow your proximity in which you are searching for other moms in the area. When setting up your profile it will give you lists of activities and interests that you may choose to add to your profile in order to help you link up with fellow mommies with common likes. 16344007_10206126981932541_54124515_n
  2. Smile Mom – This app gives you many ways to connect with other moms including; Q&A, Meetup and Chat boards. You are able to control the location in which the app searches for moms in the area by miles i.e. 15 miles away from where you are. When looking through other mom’s profiles on the app, it will list all new members at the top so you never miss an opportunity to make a new friend. 16295236_10206126981772537_1413195253_n
  3. Hello Mamas – You can filter the moms that pop up in your feed in a multitude of different ways such as moms near you, pregnant moms, age groups, work life and more. You are also able to join a group on this app like the others to narrow down mommies you would like to get to know with similar interests and hobbies as you. 16295593_10206126981812538_1406998250_n

Facebook is actually how I met my mom bestie, Alison, whom I share this blog with. We were both a part of the same mommy group, she posted a picture of herself and her adorable baby girl with a post attached that she was looking for other stay at home moms in the area. I commented that I was interested in getting the kids together for a play date sometime and honestly the rest is  history! The more I got/get to know her, the more I love her and her daughter (because becoming mommy friends is always a package deal, duh). What a lot of people don’t realize is that there are SO many Facebook groups out there for anyone and everyone including us moms! You can choose from crunchy mom groups (for the all natural, organic, baby-wearing mamas ), breastfeeding mom support groups, Christian mom groups, young mom groups, foster and/or adoptive mom groups and so many more! All you have to do is search and voila!


Another great way to meet moms is through a MOPS group which basically stands for Moms of PreSchoolers but is just a general name and most of these groups are not limited to just moms of those in preschool. In fact upon searching for a local group you will find they have a wide variety of groups that can cater to moms of teens, military MOPS and lots more. Usually these specific groups can be found by just googling MOPS in your area. Be prepared to do something crafty and maybe learn something new. The great thing is, daycare is sometimes provided!!! THAT MEANS AN ADULT CONVERSATION WITHOUT INTERRUPTIONS!!! Can I get a hallelujah?! But don’t be surprised if you have to shell out a couple of bucks because some groups do require membership fees and/or weekly to monthly participation so make sure you are dedicated and ready to meet some other moms in your community!


That wraps up what I have to say about mom dating! I just hope that in the end you guys are brave and willing to take a step toward a special relationship with another mom in your area. Feel free to share a story of you and your mom bestie with us! We would love to know how you guys met!


Love, Veronica.



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